Rishabh 6016 & 616 Digital Multimeter for UPS and Battery system troubleshooting

Rishabh 6016 Multimeter
Rishabh 616 Multimeter


With increased dependency on the use of electricity for day-today activities, it is very essential to have an uninterrupted source of power supply. Devices like UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) help to safeguard hardwares like computers, telecommunication equipment or electrical devices where interruption of power supply can lead to major loss of data, injuries, fatalities, business disruption, etc. UPS systems are thus installed in size ranging from a few VA to large units powering entire buildings or data centres.

Problem Statement

AC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems cover a wide range of power, from single-phase systems rated at less than 1 kVA to three-phase systems rated at over 1000 kVA. Higher-power systems from 5 to 10 kVA upward, designed for large installations and data centers, generally utilize IGBT power devices and modules, which operate from battery banks with voltages in the range of hundreds of volts. Smaller-scale systems for use in small office or home office environments often include MOSFET-based inverters that operate from 12 V or 24 V batteries. 24 V systems are sometimes composed of two series-connected 12 V batteries. Higher battery voltages are required to limit operating currents in higher power rated systems. Different types of rechargeable batteries are used, which may be external or internal to the UPS.

High temperatures and operating conditions outside the safe operating area can damage MOSFETs used in UPS switching circuits. A typical failure mode for a MOSFET is a short between source and drain. In this case, only the source impedance of the power source limits the peak current. 

A common outcome of a direct short is a melting of the metal, eventually leading to an open circuit. A suitably high voltage applied between the gate and source (VGS) breaks down the MOSFET gate oxide. Gates rated at 12 V will likely fail at about 15 V or so; gates having a 20V rating typically fail at around 25 V.


Rishabh 6016 Digital multimeter with Data logging facility best suits the purpose of measuring the voltage across Source and Gate of  the MOSFET, as well as its data logging feature enables the user to assess the measurements and analyse the root cause of failure.

These digital multimeters at the same time are used for the monitoring of battery voltage in the UPS system as well as to provide spot checks on the complete system during manufacturing and maintenance.


  • Reliable and cost – effective solution
  • Highly accurate and best suits the purpose
  • Easy to handle and robust design 
  • Data-logging feature in 60k series for data analysis on-the-go


Rishabh 6016 Digital Multimeter

  • Data logger & View function (up to 32000 readings)
  • Plug and Play USB connectivity with PC
  • 100kHz bandwidth for voltage measurement 
  • 1kHz Low Pass Filter mode 
  • NO-GO function VAC with 1M impedance 
  • 4-20mA/0-20mA scale type measurement 
  • Single fuse for mA & A 
  • Adjustable square wave output 
  • Temperature measurement with J, K, Pt100 & Pt1000 sensors 
  • External power adapter for long hours of measurements 
  • Selectable clamp ratio for current measurement Conductance Measurement Frequency / Time Period Measurement  

Rishabh 616 Digital Multimeter

  • Direct and alternating voltages from 100µV … 1000V
  • Direct and alternating currents from 10µA … 10.00A 
  • Resistance from 100mΩ… 60.00MΩ
  • Diode measurement and continuity testing
  • Duty cycle (%) measurement