A Space Saving Design – RISH CT Ducer

Rishabh’s RISH CT Ducer


For applications where intensive processes are being carried out, which involve electrical drives in conjunction with conveyors, crushers or grinders, it becomes necessary to monitor the system with least human intervention and where the cost of failure would be unendurable. In such applications a supervisory control using PLC based system is implemented. PLCs generally come with input modules of analog and digital types only. These analog inputs are majorly of the range 0/4…20mA or 0…10V DC.

This leads to the necessity of introducing devices which can conduct currents as high as thousand amperes and at the same time provide PLC compatible signals for control & monitoring. A conventional method to serve this requirement is by connecting a Current Transformer which would step down high currents to either 1A or 5A and then connect a Current Transducer which converts corresponding CT output 1A / 5A to proportional 4…20mA DC analog signal. 

This combination of devices is inclusive of two stages i.e Primary input to current transformer – its secondary given to a current transducer – fed as input to PLC analog input module. These conversion stages might lead to innumerable complexities.

Conventional Method

Problem Statement

As discussed above, too many conversion stages may lead to signal loss. The above methodology seems to be more bulky, with huge amount of electrical connections as well as it is difficult to find faults in the system due to large number of measuring devices and converters.

Present Scenario

Considering space constraints, users have now started installing control panels which are much more compact in size. To cater this need we have tried proposing an all-in-one solution.


Rishabh proposed a cost-effective product CTDucer – a combination of current transformer and current transducer. Therefore the motor current of range 0…200A is linearly converted to analog output of 4…20mA DC, fed right away as an input to analog module of PLC.

To meet similar needs ‘CT with in-built Transducer’ – Rish CT Ducer is designed. 


RISH CTDucer is a compact solution which can provide a linear output of 0…20mA / 4…20mA. Models available are in the range of 0…50A to 0…750A input in both True RMS and average variants, whose output can be directly fed to PLCs & other compatible control circuits.


  • Compact design for space constraint application
  • Hassle free  inventory management
  • Easy connections with available spring clamp terminals
  • Versatile Mounting options
  • TRMS & Average variants for suitable application
  • Cost – effective solution