Hybrid Load Monitoring using MultiLoad Monitor – ML14xx

Rish ML 14xx – Multi-load Monitoring Meter


In most of the industrial applications, there are multiple devices and machines installed to carry out various processes in the industry. These electrical loads include 3 phase loads such as motors, lathe machines etc and 1 phase loads like lighting system, air conditioning or single phase motors etc. The continuous and reliable monitoring of each and every load is essential to keep the power system healthy and for periodic inspections. Promoting to this, electricity demand is increasing about twice as fast as overall energy use and is likely to rise by more than half by 2040. At the same time, energy saving is the need of the hour. This rises the need of conserving the use of electricity and monitoring its usage and curtailing it accordingly.

Problem Statement

As seen from the setup below, it is not feasible to install multiple meters at each feeder to monitor multiple loads carrying out different processes in the industry. Not only in the economical sense but also the complexity of the system increases. Also, it becomes difficult to identify the fault occurring in this complex system for the multiple load devices. Therefore, a single device capable of measuring and monitoring multiple load parameters is essential.


  • Rish ML14xx is a MultiLoad measuring device used to measure multiple electrical parameters at a glance ensuring complete system transparency. 
  • It is a four 3Ph current channel and single 3Ph voltage channel multi-load monitor to measure parameters of multiple loads in a single unit eliminating the need for numerous load monitoring devices.
  • It not only measures multiple electrical parameters of a single load, but effectively measures them for each and every load connected to it making monitoring of multiple loads feasible.
  • It provides the Multi Load monitoring of four 3 phase loads and 12 x 1 phase loads in a single time.

The Meter is a panel mounted 96 x 96 DIN Quadratic Digital Panel Meter. It measures real time electrical parameters like Active / Reactive / Apparent energy and power, current, THD, demand, max demand for each load. The instrument has 4 configurable relay outputs, which can be used for Limit / Pulse / Residual Current / 3Phase Load Health Monitoring / Tariff / RTC / Timer tripping or alarms. This instrument communicates with either MODBUS or Ethernet connection.

The figure below shows how MLxx has effectively proved to be a solution to the need of multiple meters mentioned in the problem statement for different loads.

Connection Diagram for Hybrid Load Monitoring


The above diagram shows the different application areas where ML can be promoted.

Below are some other application areas for ML14xx

  • Sub tenant energy consumption
  • Individual load management
  • Residual current monitoring
  • 3 Phase load monitoring
  • Data centre metering


  • Multiple 3phase/1Phase meters and relays in Hybrid load applications have been replaced by ML14xx
  • Relay with multiple output options such as tariff based tripping, Health monitoring, Residual current monitoring (RCM)
  • Using the ML14xx, the system gets compact. It’s easy to monitor and control the system with the use of a single meter
  • Users or operators can easily check the status of each load by using a single meter
  • At the time of Installation, reverse connection can be detected by the meter itself


  • Multi Load monitoring of 4 x 3 ph loads and 12 x 1 ph loads (Hybrid)
  • Residual Current Monitoring
  • Three Phase Load Health Monitoring
  • Tariff Based Tripping
  • Monitoring Of Individual Harmonics Upto 31st
  • Direct remote access via Modbus/Ethernet
  • Analog Graphical Representation Of Load Current
  • 8MB data-logging memory with RTC