Swift load switching using Rishabh AMF Controller

RI 303 AMF – Auto Mains Failure Controller 


Over the past few years, the gap between the supply and consumption of electricity has reduced significantly through initiatives taken by various utilities across the country. However, factors such as sporadic power supply, power outage, etc have a huge effect on many industrial as well as commercial infrastructures. Diesel generators have been used for decades as a backup power supply for many  such applications who need power security; a backup power supply when the mains power is off or out of specification.These generators are installed in various industrial, commercial and residential establishments as a power backup solution.

Problem Statement

A power backup system installed, lacks intelligence of its own. It has to be driven manually by a transfer switch whenever there is a power outage from the utility. During this time lapse of switching from Mains to DG set, there is a power outage throughout the establishment. The organization faces huge losses in terms of economy as well as production due to this outage.

Therefore, it is essential that the transfer switch must operate automatically to avoid the interruption in power supply to the loads.


RI 303 AMF – Auto Mains Failure Controller 

The AMF controller is a kind of module used in the generator control panel when you have to control a generator that is connected in standby configuration. It is about a system that is waiting for a failure of the power utility. It senses the inputs from both utility as well as Genset and depending upon the supply available from either of the source, switches the load.

Beyond this purpose, this controller also monitors the physical parameters of the Genset such as Temperature, oil level, fuel level and battery voltage.The graphic display is a user-friendly human interface useful for an immediate visualization of measures and alarms coming from the genset.

Other applications areas

  • Industrial and commercial establishments
  • Telecommunication Sector
  • Data Centers
  • Hospitals


  • Monitoring of Electrical and engine parameters of Genset
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Easy programming and navigation
  • Auto as well as manual mode of operation available

Available features

  • Measurement of 54 power network parameters, including current and voltage harmonics up to 51st in 1-phase 2-wire or 3-phase 3 or 4-wire balanced and unbalanced systems
  • Digital / Analog inputs and outputs programmable from the keyboard
  • Events log with up to 250 events
  • Remote start with closure of the generator contactor even with mains present
  • Timer Start / Stop for programmed work cycles
  • Smart auto-setup systems
  • Engine CAN BUS Communication J1939
  • Gasoline engines support with automatic management of the choke valve