Swimming Pool Circulation System Protection using Rish Relay I

Rish Relay I


Swimming pools are now becoming a popular amenity found at many health clubs, fitness centers, and private clubs used mostly for exercise or recreation. Many towns and cities provide public pools meant for physical education classes, recreational activities, leisure, and competitive athletics. 

It is highly essential to sanitize swimming pools, levels of bacteria and viruses in swimming pool water must be kept low to prevent the spread of diseases and pathogens. Bacteria, algae and insect larvae can dwell in the pool if water is not properly sanitized. Pumps, mechanical sand filters, and disinfectants are often used to sanitise the water.  Such a system is called Sanitation system or circulation system of a swimming pool.

Problem Statement

The circulation system in any swimming pool is designed to move the water from the pool tank for passage through filtration, heating and treatment system and returning it to the pool tank. This is achieved by a circulation pump and a pipe work system between the pool and the pump and the various ancillary systems. A circulation system should be designed to maximize the efficiency of water removal from the pool and distribution of water back into the pool.

A good circulation system ensures the greatest possible mixing of the water in the pool tank to ensure the distribution of chemical treatment and heat.

The circulation pump is associated with an electric motor. When any object or garbage comes in the way of filtration system, it blocks the system and the same causing a locked rotor situation. Because of this locked rotor situation, over current occurs and it damages the motor winding. Under current also occurs if there is a loss of pressure in the system.

Hence it is imperative to monitor both these Over current and Under current situations of the pump motor.


Rishabh’s Digital Current monitoring Relay, Rish Relay – I monitors Over Current and under current conditions. Rish Relay – I offers effective protection for Circulation pump motor used in Swimming Pool circulation system against Over Current and Under current.


When Overcurrent occurs because of locked rotor condition in Pump motor, Rish Relay – I initiates the change and avoid the locked rotor status which may lead to a damage in the Swimming pool circulation system. Rish Relay – I is capable of monitoring Over current and Under current and provide a relay  output, which can be set as NC or NO i.e. either an open or close operation.

An LED visual indication provides a diagnostic alert of an alarm condition. A built in time delay for the relay activation is available in order to prevent relay chattering around the set point for under current monitoring.


  • In addition to tripping, customer can read tripping and resetting values on the display
  • Current loss protection and Current unbalance protection can be implemented using the same device
  • Trip or Buzzer mode for efficient alarming 
  • Capable of storing last 15 faults for easy recovery and fault anticipation