Induction motor monitoring using Power Network Meter – ND30PNET



Induction motors are the major load contributors and are also called the work horses in industries. Health of induction motors, operational efficiency and performance are necessarily monitored. Failure of these equipment due to variation in supply parameters leads to a huge loss of both production and revenue, events such as catastrophic shutdowns may also occur during events of faults. Therefore industries have made a general practise to test these equipment periodically and take corrective actions proactively. 

Problem Statement

In a Motor Testing Division multiple electrical parameters of a motor are measured. These parameters are altogether measured and monitored on a centralized system with the help of PLC. It is important to communicate parameters like motor temperature, motor voltage, load current, power factor and kilowatt consumption of the motor. The PLCs implemented work over ProfiNet communication thus it is essential that the monitoring devices are capable of  transferring data using the same protocol. In conventional systems – converters, temperature transmitters, power meters are used separately to measure multiple parameters.


ND30PNET – A power network meter is an advanced multifunction meter, which can measure various electrical parameters along with harmonics (51st) and communication over ProfiNet. ND30PNET is capable of monitoring temperature of equipment/devices and can communicate it to a centralized system. User can connect 2x temperature inputs to it, this helps users get a comprehensive solution of monitoring electrical parameters as well as device temperature. In industries, it is essential to know the performance of induction motor. Temperature monitoring is essential so as to understand the heating and cooling curve of the equipment . The status can be viewed on the device software  PowerVis or any other customer software integrated with it. 

ProfiNet is a communication protocol and plays an important role in industrial automation, providing safe and enhanced communication. ND30PNET offers communication over ProfiNet 2.2v. Thus, communication takes place in a number of applications, ranging from simple control tasks to high-precision closed-loop control tasks over Profinet.

While monitoring status of any device, it is mandatory that the real-time or time synchronized values are communicated to centralized system, this need gets effectively addressed using the combination of ND30PNET with temperature inputs, RTC and ProfiNet communication.

The figure above shows a possible set-up to monitor the motor parameters using ND30PNET.


Other applications of provision of Digital Inputs in measuring devices:

  • Can be used as universal counters
  • Logging of energy counted by other meters e.g. flow meter, gas meter, water meter or energy meter; can be done
  • It can be used for synchronization between two meters


  • This solution facilitates continuous monitoring of temperature of induction motor
  • Communication over Profinet enhanced system automation and reliability of communication
  • User-settable output serves as a warning or cautionary signal for the given inputs
  • Cost-effective solution


  • Measurement of 54 power network parameters, including current and voltage harmonics up to 51st in 1-phase 2-wire or 3-phase 3 or 4-wire balanced and unbalanced systems
  • High accuracy class (0.2s for active energy)
  • Modern and user-friendly ethernet/profinet (version 2.2.) interface
  • Programming of parameters using free eCon software using RS485
  • Battery backup RTC for reliable real-time monitoring
  • Also available in BACNet, MQTT versions