Reducing shutdown time in process industries using Split core current transformers

Rish Xmer Split Core Current Transformer


Plant turnarounds or shutdowns, are one of the critical times in the operation of a plant. Shutdowns have an intense impact on the plant’s financial future either in positive or negative ways. Major plant shutdowns occur due to faults occurring in a system if preventive measures are not taken at the right time, whereas planned shutdowns are scheduled for maintenance and retrofitting purposes. Industries like Cement manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, automobile assembly & manufacturing and food processing plants face major challenges during shutdowns. 

Component retrofitting, maintenance check, repair and re-installation of devices are generally considered during plant shutdowns. One such requirement is the re-installation of Current Transformers as and when their quality and life degrades or when the need arises.

Problem Statement

As discussed above, plant shutdown for re-installation of current transformers leads to huge downtime as well as heavy revenue loss. Because while changing a current transformer it is mandatory to remove all connections, disconnect the busbars or cables and then insert them in the CTs. 

Present Scenario

Presently, industries have planned to find ways that will somehow reduce the shutdown time and make installation quick and efficient. 


To avoid financial and production hampering in a plant during turnaround, RISH Split Core CT is the best solution. These CTs provide openable cores which are easy to install with different bus bar mountings and cable tie provision:

  • To install the Split core CT, user needs to open the jaw
  • Insert it in the bus bar, close the CT jaw and connect secondary of the CT to the load 
  • No need to open the bus bar for CT installation unlike necessary for other type of CTs

It is recommended to shut down the mains supply (approx 5 minutes) before inserting the CT in the bus bar. After installation, users can lock the CT jaw with the help of a locking pin provided with RISH Split Core CT in order to avoid accidental opening of the CT jaw when the mains is ON.  

To cater similar needs, RISH Split Core CT comes in a wide range of current ratings from 100A  to 5000A with an  accuracy class of 0.5 or 1.0.


  • Easy connections with self lifting screws
  • Versatile Mounting options
  • Cost – effective solution
  • Easy and smooth movable jaw, making them the preferred choice amongst maintenance and testing industries
  • Provision of locking pin to avoid false opening
  • Drip-proof, non-inflammable UL 94 v-0 approved Polycarbonate casing